Monthly Archives: May 2012

But I Thought I Was A Good Reader…

There are a lot of special activities that are unique to the end of a school year.  As our son has finished up second grade, there have been awards ceremonies, a piano concert, a party, desk cleaning, and of course, early dismissal days.  Every week, the teachers send out study guides in an e-mail to […]

Nourish Our Bodies

As a mommy to young children, I put a great deal of effort into keeping my family healthy and fed.  Every week, I select good foods that they will enjoy but that will help them grow and be strong.  There is the timing of the food to consider, as well–eat too close to a meal […]

I Saw A Smile…Tell Everyone!

A few days ago, I wrote about my son’s emotional response to the news that a good friend of his is moving soon.  If what we saw that night was a mature, sincere sadness, then what we saw this evening was one of the happiest moments of his young life:  he rode a bike on […]

I Saw Tears…But Don’t Tell Anyone!

We moved to a new house in a new city almost two years ago, when our son was five and our daughter still an infant.  After five years in the same house, we had many dear friends from our neighborhood, church, and playgroups.  Our dear boy had made lots of buddies in each of these […]

When You Fall in a Race…

I ran the mile and two-mile events for my indoor track team in high school.  At the start, all the competitors stood shoulder to shoulder, leaning forward, waiting for the signal to go forward.  The beginnings of these races, especially the mile, tended to be chaotic.  Elbows bumped and pace had to quickly adjust to […]

Three Little Words

I will never tire of hearing the words “I love you” in all their different contexts:  from my husband of nearly 11 years; from my children as we snuggle at the end of the day; from my parents; from family and friends.  They are powerful words and can change a day–or even a life–instantly. Those […]

Mother’s Day

Let me preface this by saying that I could never be thankful enough for the privilege of being a mother.  I also am blessed beyond words to have a beautiful, smart, creative, strong, loving mother who is still a huge presence in my adult life. With those sincere words having been said, I will let […]