I jokingly wrote the following as a recent Facebook status: “Writing about doing laundry won’t get the clothes folded, will it?”–but as I dove into the hamper and started folding and putting things away, I realized that there just might be something to write about.

Handling each piece of my family’s clothing week after week, and especially when I have the treasured help of my little girl in sorting and putting away, I know that each item tells a story.

Anna’s stripy shorts–I can hear her saying, “I wear these to gymnastics?”, and I think about our little dynamo bouncing, tumbling, and swinging joyfully each Tuesday morning.

My socks–I always regret not wearing them to the playground when we pick up Luke from school.  I would love to go for a walk, or even a run.  I wonder when I’ll play tennis again.

Vien’s scrubs–I wonder what surgeries he did while wearing these?  How is that patient he told me about last week?  Did he get to eat lunch today?  I’m glad he’s not in residency anymore.  Man, we’ve been through a lot together.

Luke’s school uniform–what did he do at recess today?  Does he have any tests tomorrow?  When are we going to start working on that history project?  Did I sign his planner?  I can’t believe he’s almost a third grader and that he has almost outgrown some of these shirts.

Vien’s athletic socks–I’m so amazed, and so proud of him for getting into running, and for finishing that half marathon.  I’m so inspired by his commitment to training when I know he’s more tired and stressed than I am.  I wonder if we’ll get to run a big race like that together someday.

Luke’s khaki pants–he did so well reciting his poem last week, and we’re so proud of the way he handled not getting first place.  I guess he’ll wear these next week to the piano recital…I wonder if he’ll continue with piano next school year.

Anna’s bathing suit–she is so much like Luke, not wanting to get her face wet.  I wonder if she’ll be as old as he was when he finally started going under water.  She seems like a bigger risk-taker, but she is also just as stubborn.  How are they both really this stubborn?

Vien’s button-down shirts–I hope he keeps getting new patients down in Bonita.  I love the way his vision has become a reality, and I pray for his success.  I hope we get to pray together soon.

My shorts–will that sap spot just not come clean?  How many pairs of shorts do I have now–is this all I wear anymore?  I bet it’s going to get really hot this month.

Get the picture?  That hamper is one big stream of consciousness.  It may be a mundane task, but I count it a privilege (when my heart is in the right place, that is) to care for my family in this way.  And many times, as I clean, dry, sort, fold, and put away all of those things, I am led to give thanks for the life we have together, and to pray for each of them!  And of course, the cycle continues tomorrow!


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