What I’m Reading

I’m about to re-read Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.  It’s a story rich with vibrant imagery of the journey of faith made by Christians. The last time I read it must have been over ten years ago, since I wrote my maiden name inside the front cover!  That also means I was at that time really learning a lot about what it meant to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior, and to follow him in my grown-up life.

I thought of the book late last night as I was going to sleep, even asking Vien to remind me that I wanted to read it again! It was on my mind for a few reasons: some stories I’d heard and read during the day had made my heart ache with sadness over the wickedness and desperation of our modern world. It shouldn’t surprise me, when I know we are all by nature falling short of our intended purposes and design, but yesterday it all just hung over my heart like a dark cloud. I found myself more than once saying, “Come, Lord Jesus”. This thought and prayer came back to me in the evening when I heard “Where I Belong”, a current Christian song. The lyrics say: “All I know is that I’m not home yet/This is not where I belong. Take this world and give me Jesus/This is not where I belong.”. I was thankful for the reminder that for those who believe in what Jesus said and did, there is hope. It made me think of this journey I’m on to my eternal home, all the pitfalls along the way, all the joy along the way, and the glorious wonder that is at the end.

Maybe if you’re reading this, you’ll have a curiosity to read Pilgrim’s Progress again or for the first time. We are living in days when we must give thought to where we are and where we are headed!  I’m thankful for all my fellow “pilgrims” on this journey.



  1. immigrationassist · · Reply

    love this… this is not where i belong. i know i’m not home yet. until that time comes; i will continue to run (walk at times) the race god has set before me.

  2. immigrationassist · · Reply

    love this post… i know i’m not where i belong; not home yet… until that time comes, i will continue to run (walk at times) the race that god has set before me.

    1. Thank you! Yes, we are always going onward on this path, whether it feels like crawling or soaring!

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