Monthly Archives: May 2012

Taking our Thoughts Captive

I’ve been using and enjoying the reading plans set out by my iPhone’s Bible app.  These plans help keep me on track, reading something new each day, sometimes with a theme and sometimes just diving into a certain book of the Bible.  Perhaps for some of you, the thought of reading the Bible sounds dull, […]

Not Making the Cut

Writing about Anna’s potty training goal and thinking about setting and achieving goals in general, made me begin to think about times in my life when I have failed to reach my goal.  Much of our wisdom and strength comes from how we handle our failures.  Do we get lost in the disappointment, or do we […]

You Can Lead a Toddler to the Potty…

Parents, especially mommies, seem to love comparing notes on potty training of their children.  Or do we dread it?  Whichever is the truth, we still inevitably talk about it and end up feeling either extremely triumphant, totally defeated, or unfazed and willing to let nature take its course. How I feel when I discuss this hot […]

What I’m Reading

I’m about to re-read Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.  It’s a story rich with vibrant imagery of the journey of faith made by Christians. The last time I read it must have been over ten years ago, since I wrote my maiden name inside the front cover!  That also means I was at that time really learning […]


I jokingly wrote the following as a recent Facebook status: “Writing about doing laundry won’t get the clothes folded, will it?”–but as I dove into the hamper and started folding and putting things away, I realized that there just might be something to write about. Handling each piece of my family’s clothing week after week, […]

The Hunting of the Dragon

Last week, we took Luke up to the Tampa area for a regional fine arts competition.  He participated last year as well, in the “serious interpretation” category.  He received first place honors for his recitation of  the Gettysburg Address.  This year, he was asked to participate in the category of Poetry.  He chose a serious, […]

Running the Race

I had a harder time selecting the name of my blog and writing “a little bit about myself” than I did writing anything recently.  I wanted to capture the motion of motherhood, the perseverance of marriage, the pace of life, and the essence of faith.  I wanted to capture my interests, my passions, my loves, […]

Six Weeks

If you were going to have company for an extended period of time, there would be much preparation, right?  You would do a lot of cleaning, organizing, and planning.  What if that company just showed up on your door one day unexpectedly and you had no idea how long they would stay? I was challenged […]

My attempt at a blog…

I’ve been encouraged lately to start my own blog. I process my life best through writing. I’ve read that God comforts us so we can comfort others. I hope what I write can be useful, hopeful, encouraging, and God-honoring to whomever might read it. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife, a mother, […]