Monthly Archives: May 2012


Our son is about to finish up his second grade year in school.  In these last few months, to get the students’ feet wet with larger things to come, the teachers have given three history projects.  He has had to make his first poster (a calendar of patriotic holidays), write his first mini-report (at least […]

Don’t Count the Seconds

We gave our dear son a new stopwatch for his birthday recently.  He happily put it on this morning, after I’d set the date and time, reminding him that he could wear it to school as long as it wouldn’t be a distraction.  Part of the reason we got him a watch is that he […]

The Little White Bag

I finally booked the flight/hotel/rental car for our family trip up north for a relative’s wedding a month from today.  Some family members made their arrangements for travel several months ago.  To my prone-to-procrastinating mind, this was befuddling.  What if Vien couldn’t get those days off?  What if something else came up that would change our […]

Taking our Thoughts Captive

I’ve been using and enjoying the reading plans set out by my iPhone’s Bible app.  These plans help keep me on track, reading something new each day, sometimes with a theme and sometimes just diving into a certain book of the Bible.  Perhaps for some of you, the thought of reading the Bible sounds dull, […]

Not Making the Cut

Writing about Anna’s potty training goal and thinking about setting and achieving goals in general, made me begin to think about times in my life when I have failed to reach my goal.  Much of our wisdom and strength comes from how we handle our failures.  Do we get lost in the disappointment, or do we […]

You Can Lead a Toddler to the Potty…

Parents, especially mommies, seem to love comparing notes on potty training of their children.  Or do we dread it?  Whichever is the truth, we still inevitably talk about it and end up feeling either extremely triumphant, totally defeated, or unfazed and willing to let nature take its course. How I feel when I discuss this hot […]

What I’m Reading

I’m about to re-read Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan.  It’s a story rich with vibrant imagery of the journey of faith made by Christians. The last time I read it must have been over ten years ago, since I wrote my maiden name inside the front cover!  That also means I was at that time really learning […]