Monthly Archives: July 2012

Panic Clean

I am a “panic cleaner”.  Sure, I keep the kitchen neat, fix the bed in the morning, do laundry, and pass the Swiffer and vacuum as needed.  Unfortunately, I seem to require company to really get things spiffy.  I am also a pile maker:  little piles of clean clothes stacked on the stairs to go up […]

Another Thing I Like About Strep Throat

I try to be a grateful person, to see the good in less-than-ideal situations.  Last week, I wrote about our suspicions that our son had strep throat.  When he woke up the morning after I had written that, feeling worse, coughing and hurting more, the next logical thing to do was schedule an appointment with […]

Two Minutes

My husband and I do not go out together while our kids are awake often at all.  I’m supposing and hoping that will change as they get older and aren’t so attached, but for now things go well and most easily when we don’t miss bedtime or meals.  One of those rare times came up […]

What I Like About Strep Throat

You know your child gets strep throat a lot if he can diagnose it himself, at home, with 99% accuracy.  I’m not a betting person, but I’d wager that he tests positive for it tomorrow when I take him to the pediatrician.   I can’t remember the last time he was ill with something other […]

Check Out the Rainbow…

I love the friendship I have with my next door neighbor.  We’ve both been living in this neighborhood for nearly two years.  I still remember being upstairs in my own house and looking out the window to see her with her family, checking out the house they’re now in with a realtor.  Once they moved […]

July 16?

Every now and then, I check the “stats” for my little blog out of curiosity.  Most days, a handful of people read something.  When I initially publish something here, sometimes a few dozen will stop by to check out what I’ve rambled about.  Early this week, though, I was very surprised to see that 55 […]

Laughing at the Days to Come

My daughter loves going to our weekly Mommy-and-Me gymnastics class.  It is the only place where I see her let a non-family member help her, even touch her, while I just watch for much of it.  She climbs eagerly onto the mat to reach the lower of the uneven bars, where her teacher helps her do […]

The Slowest 800

In Olympic spirit, I am posting this piece that I wrote several months ago.  I hope to move all of my “notes” on Facebook to my blog soon–this is the first one.   My relationship with running has given me much to write about since I began plodding around neighborhood roads with my dad when […]