July 16?

Every now and then, I check the “stats” for my little blog out of curiosity.  Most days, a handful of people read something.  When I initially publish something here, sometimes a few dozen will stop by to check out what I’ve rambled about.  Early this week, though, I was very surprised to see that 55 people had viewed my blog in one day–and I hadn’t written anything new in days!  Thank you to everyone who reads what I’ve written, and I pray that some of it may be a blessing to you.  I can’t exactly figure out why so many people came “here” on that day, but it was encouraging.

I certainly don’t need to have a certain number of views, comments, or followers to make me want to continue writing in this blog.  It is largely a selfish venture, to help me sort my thoughts and make sense out of what’s going on in my life.  It’s a chance to slow down and actually think about things for more than a few minutes; it’s a part of my “victory time”.

My prayer remains that what I write here can be encouraging, helpful, and more about God’s goodness than mine.  Thanks again for everyone who has been interested enough in my writing to read these rambling words–some of you I know and see regularly, some of you I’ve never met and you live across the globe.  It’s fascinating how something as small as my blog can help something as big as our world feel a bit more connected.


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  1. Very nice post! You have also expressed my feelings about my blog- that I write to just bless somebody who will take the time to read a post or two. But, interesting thing is that sometimes I re-read what I write and I get blessed myself! It’s like the folks in the Philippines tell us how blessed they are when we do ministry there, but I tell them that I get blessed even more, and my faith is boosted when I see how much they love the Lord, and we I get home I have so many of their testimonies to share with others! Keep writing!!!

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