Monthly Archives: August 2012

A Spoonful of Something…

Anyone who has a toddler or who has been around a toddler knows that eating habits are sporadic and odd at best.  As parents, we try to offer a variety of healthy choices, and agree to almost any combination of them the toddler chooses, as long as those choices meet the nutritional needs.  For example, […]

Two Days With No WiFi

Last week, I joined a Facebook group started by a friend from my years of youth tennis. Her group’s purpose is to provide a place of encouragement, motivation, and accountability as each member commits to doing some form of exercise over 60 days. Knowing that I usually have the evenings as my exercise time, and […]

Watching and Waiting

Like many in our nation, I have the Weather Channel on, watching the effects and path of Hurricane Isaac.  A few minutes ago, I actually had to use Google Maps to find out if my uncle was a part of the newest mandatory evacuation in Belle Chasse due to waters topping the levees and then […]

Hurricane Day

All my adult life, I’ve had what I call occasional “dizzy spells”.  One moment, all will be fine, and the next moment, it’s like some giant hand took the ground below me and tilted it quickly one way and then the other, leaving me with a spinning, unsettled sensation in my head.  Sometimes the feeling […]

Thought-Provoking Blog Award

A fellow blogger whom I recently started following nominated me, among others, to receive “The Thought-Provoking Blog Award”, which I think is a lovely and clever way to help other readers discover new blogs, in addition to being an earnest compliment.   I love the photographs she posts of the nature she sees, the hope […]

Rewinding DVDs

My husband loves to jokingly remind me of a comment I made a few years ago, when DVD’s were relatively new.  It had something to do with rewinding a DVD.  We both laugh at this, but we know too that it points to my general lack of ease around most modern technology.  I know my […]


Some of these posts were intended to be about actually running, and I have fallen pretty short in that regard.  The obvious reason is, that I have not gone running since I don’t remember when!  Many true runners would argue that I can’t call myself a runner at this time, but I think that is […]

Love One Another

My son was working on a take-home sheet from his Sunday School class yesterday morning after breakfast.  There were a few things to read, a few things to think about, and a few questions to answer.  One of the passages was from 1 John in the Bible, where there is much about loving one another: […]

Little Girls

  I wrote this several months ago, before starting this blog, but as many of us are sending our children back to school, it seemed appropriate to re-post it here!     My life seems to be full of flashbacks lately, with people and places I hadn’t really thought of in years coming back to the […]

Just One More Snooze

People who use alarms to wake up either like the “snooze” feature or they don’t.  My husband loves pressing snooze on his phone in the morning.  I hear that chirpy marimba beat three or four times before he gets up.  I don’t mind, and in fact, I’m often already upstairs with my early-rising children.  Monitors do […]