Thought-Provoking Blog Award

A fellow blogger whom I recently started following nominated me, among others, to receive “The Thought-Provoking Blog Award”, which I think is a lovely and clever way to help other readers discover new blogs, in addition to being an earnest compliment.   I love the photographs she posts of the nature she sees, the hope she finds in our Lord Jesus, and her reflections on all aspects of life.  She is a thoughtful, transformed, encouraging woman of God.  I think her blog is cheerful, inspiring, and full of wonder:

Here are the award rules (slightly paraphrased):

1. Post the award on your blog

2. Thank the one who nominated you and link back to their blog.

3. Nominate 7-12 other bloggers you admire and enjoy!

4. Share 7 things about yourself.

5. Inform each person that you have nominated them.

Here are some of my favorite blogs, and I would love to write to each of them to tell them that I enjoy their writing, but I might have to put all blogging on hold as we are facing a hurricane down here and I have a cold.  I hope that some of you will stop by these sites, though–they are each worth a read/look!  (And to tie in with my recent post about my shaky relationship with technology, I am so happy to report that I figured out how to create a link with minimal frustration tonight!)

1.  This is the blog of one of my good friends, who also happens to be my next door neighbor.  She is a talented artist and photographer, and she seems to have her camera ready when exciting wildlife appears or when a beautiful moment in nature appears.  She also uses her blog to showcase her wide variety of artwork, for which she takes custom requests and ships all over the world (and next door)!

2.  This blog is that of a friend of mine from a playgroup in our previous city.  Her writing tells the stories she has of being a mother of four, and how she follows God in her role daily.  I enjoy her humor, her honesty, and her heart as I read what she posts.

3.  I recently began following this blog as its author began following mine.  She writes of her faith, her work as a missionary, and of things in her life through a lens of loving Jesus.

4.  This is the blog of a friend of ours who attended the same college as my husband and myself, and who now works for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a campus staff worker.  His writing is intellectual defense of the Christian faith.  I enjoy his simple, earnest, thoughtful approach as he presents loving ways to discuss heavy concepts.

5.  This blog’s author digs through and down into music, to find out the origin, the social impact, interesting facts about the songwriters, and deeper meanings behind lyrics.  I have learned a lot about some songs that I hadn’t really given a second thought, and as music has a profound effect on my mind and heart, I truly enjoy reading his “excavations”.

6.  This blog’s author writes about and shares pictures from her family’s life.  With her three children, she offers humor in perspective and great creativity in various crafts and recipes.  I enjoy reading about some of the funny or heartwarming things that happen while she and her family are working on projects together!

7.  Recent conversations with various friends about the subject of eating disorders got me searching for blogs about recovering from these illnesses, and specifically with a Christian perspective.  Rebekah, the young but wise author of this blog, shares very honestly her journey to recovery, all the while leaning on and looking to Christ.  I have thoroughly enjoyed and been blessed to read her story and how she earnestly wants to help others who struggle with eating disorders.


Here are the 7 random things about myself:

1.  My first and only marathon was in Houston, with my dad.  It was sleeting, but we both finished near our goal time!

2.  Though I have no problem making little piles of paper or clean clothing around the house, I am a stickler for a fixed bed in the morning.  I feel like the day has begun properly once I’ve pulled up the sheets and propped up the pillows.

3.  I am an only child, and I can’t remember ever thinking much of that fact growing up, except that I had a lot of fun with my mom and dad!  I am thankful beyond words for such a happy childhood with loving parents!

4.  We moved into our current house about two years ago, and there are still pictures lined up along the wall in our bedroom, on the floor below where we’d like them to go.

5.  Through an ancestry site, my dad traced part of our lineage back to King James of Scotland.

6.  Something I’d love to have in a house again someday is a ping pong table.  We had one in our basement when I was a teenager, and my mom and I would play every evening after dinner.  I even discovered that I can play almost as well left-handed as I can right-handed.

7.  Something else I’d love to have in a house someday is a high room with a 360-degree view.  I have always enjoyed watching the sky–clouds, sunrises/sets, stars–and I love the idea of being able to see it from all angles.


This is all I can write tonight.  The little ones rise early, and I earnestly desire to be a cheerful, helpful, wise, loving, patient Mommy as we start our day.  Please check out some or all of the blogs I mentioned earlier; they have each blessed me immensely.



  1. This is so sweet of you!! Thank you so much for reading my blog! I too am a stickler for a made bed!! Good luck with the hurricane and be safe!!!

  2. Hey lovely lady – Just FYI, not ignoring you! Will get back to you very soon XX

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