Two Days With No WiFi

Last week, I joined a Facebook group started by a friend from my years of youth tennis. Her group’s purpose is to provide a place of encouragement, motivation, and accountability as each member commits to doing some form of exercise over 60 days. Knowing that I usually have the evenings as my exercise time, and that I usually stay home to do that, I knew I at least had lots of on-demand options through my cable offerings.

The first night of the 60 days, I was still recovering from my cold and cough. It was a small obstacle, and I did a decent enough workout to have some soreness in my legs the next day.

On the second night, last night, I was feeling better and changed into my workout clothes after the kids were asleep. When I turned on the tv to select a few workouts, I was met with an error message. Despite my distaste for trying to solve technical problems over the phone and a general dread of customer service interactions, I called the cable company. I never got to do an exercise routine, but I did swivel our rather heavy tv around so I could contort my arm enough to reach the modem, which the helpful cable rep thought might be the problem.

By the time we had done some trouble-shooting, and determined the modem was plain old dead, I had lost all motivation to work out. Also by this time, Dear Husband was home from his workout at the neighborhood gym, and I would much rather talk and relax with him than exercise that late!  Between my outfit and the way I was snaking my arm behind the tv, he said I looked like a ninja. I guess I’ll take that as a compliment.

Exchanging the old modem for a new one was on my to-do list today.  The morning flew by as my daughter and I joined my son for chapel at his school and then got a cart-ful of groceries at Target. By then, it was time for lunch and Little Girl’s naptime. She woke up just in time to go pick up her brother from school. As we always do, we stayed at the school playground to run around, climb, swing, and sweat. It is one of both kids’ favorite things to do, so I enjoy making it a habit.

Surely we still had time to stop at the cable company office to make our exchange. How busy could it be?  We arrived at a little after 4.  We took a number, and got our first discouragement to see there were twenty people ahead of us. Maybe it would move quickly. It did not.  While we were waiting, one very disgruntled lady came in, took a number, and proceeded to tell everyone who could hear, to switch cable companies. My rumbling tummy and wiggly kids made me decide this could wait another day.

Tonight, when I was ready to workout, the non-cable choices were few. I am feeling almost completely over my cold and was craving a good cardio workout. Phone and Pandora to the rescue!  I found a great “workout station” with dance and hip hop kinds of music, and for half an hour, I moved, kick boxed, jumpingjacked, crunched, and “danced” till my heart was pounding and my sweat was flowing. Endorphins!  I love when we are able to turn obstacles into opportunities for creativity!

Even though tomorrow is Saturday, I hope to get our new modem so we can have things like high speed Internet access, cable tv, and FaceTime back in our lives. Necessities?  Hardly. Conveniences and luxuries we’ve grown accustomed to, yes. After all, I’m not sure I really want to type out another blog post on my phone!


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