Monthly Archives: September 2012

Butterfly Estates

This morning, a good friend and I took our toddlers to the nearby Butterfly Estates.  Both of us got a little turned around following our respective directions, which took us through rather urban areas of our city’s downtown.  The white picket fences with butterflies painted on them reassured us we had reached our destination. We […]

How Do You Spell Disappointment?

As some of you know, L. participated in both a regional and state spelling bee last year.  We had a great time making some road trips last fall and watching him spell word after word.  In the regional bee, he and the other finalist went back and forth, with L. finally missing a word.  Since […]

The Illustration of Sod

Our neighborhood is full of new construction.  It seems like there’s a new house popping up every few weeks.  The most dramatic day to me is when long trucks deliver the landscaping:  tall palm trees, medium-sized shrubs, flowers, and usually on a truck of its own, the sod.  In one day, a new house goes […]

The Couple Who Studies Together…

I wrote this nearly two years ago, as I reflected on how long V and I have been together, and where our path has taken us.  It’s an interesting burden, being married to someone pursuing a career in medicine.  Our journey began in college, where our friendship deepened over hours of studying.  Studying has been […]

“She’s Warming Up to Me…”

“She’s warming up to me,” said my husband, V., to me the other night, speaking of our nearly three-year-old daughter.  Is this a strange thing for a father to say about his own little girl, for whose life he has been present since she entered the world?  Strange, but I totally understood what he meant.  Both […]

What the Doctor Needs…

I am part of a few online groups for spouses of physicians, and the other day, one lady asked for the prayers of other members for her husband.  She spoke of the challenges in adjusting to life beyond residency.  For those of you unfamiliar with the career paths of physicians, residency is training in a […]

Bucket Swings and Bucket Lists

Part of our daughter’s pre-bedtime routine is recounting what was fun about the day.  I love hearing what she remembers and what she really enjoyed.  What I think is funny, though, is that sometimes she forgets the difference between reality and wishes, because she tends to name one or two things that we didn’t actually […]

Tennis, Anyone?

Just as running has a special place in my heart and a lengthy history in my life, tennis and I go even farther back.  I went for my first real “run” when I was about 8, but I started taking tennis lessons at the age of 5.  It was love at first hit, you could […]


To all who have ever stopped by to read my ramblings, thank you.  Since May 1, I have had 2,000 visits to my blog, and I’m selfishly pretty excited about that!  I like to think that people get something out of what I have to say, and I think all of us like to have […]

9/11 Reflections

Almost everyone I know has posted something about remembering the horrific events of September 11, 2001.  Of course, that day is on my mind, too.  I was at home in New Orleans, a newlywed of two months.  My mom called me and told me to turn on the news; a plane had hit one of […]