Monthly Archives: October 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

When I read the prompt for this week’s photo challenge, to post something “foreign”, this picture immediately came to mind.  A relative of my husband took this picture when various members of the family were staying in a refugee camp in Thailand in the early 1980’s.  They had fled from Laos, and were hoping to […]

His Poem for Her Birthday

I hesitated to share this so publicly, but it’s just too beautiful to keep to ourselves.  After dinner one evening last week, L. showed his Daddy and me a poem he had just written for his sister, as her birthday was approaching.  As an only child, I’ve been fascinated by the dynamics between L. and […]

Oh, the Drama…

You know that feeling you get when something gets under your skin and you have to act?  All your muscles feel tingly, you can’t speak or write fast enough to get all the thoughts out?  It’s the feeling that parents get when someone hurts their kids.  It’s the feeling that friends get when someone speaks […]


It’s been a whirlwind of a day, and I hope to have time later tonight to sort through all of it and have some deeper thoughts…for now, I do want to at least acknowledge the special day we are having here.  My dear, beautiful mother and my sweet, gorgeous little girl both celebrate their birthday […]


October is a festive month in our family:  my father-in-law’s birthday is in the beginning of the month; my mother-in-law’s comes next towards the end, and my mom and my daughter share a birthday three days after my mother-in-law’s.  Because we all live within two hours of each other, we’ve started celebrating all four of […]

Search Me, God…

L. stayed home from school yesterday, though not with strep!  That alone might warrant its own blog post later.  My mom played with A. nearly all day so I could care for L. and take him to see the pediatrician.  My dear mom even got little A. to take a nap under her watch, so […]

What We Found in the Backpack

You never know what you’re going to find when you go through your child’s backpack at the end of the day.  Most of the time, I find spelling lists, study guides, a planner, and some textbooks for homework.  L. is in third grade, so sometimes there are some random doodles and prizes from the class […]

A Poem?

As a Word Press user, I decided to check out the Daily Post Challenge: this time, it was to try something new.  I used to write what I called poetry quite often.  I’m certain this is a meager attempt, but it was fun to do and very refreshing to change the way in which my […]

Some Considerations for Grade Skipping

I’m trying to sort through all the questions our family attempted to answer when we were wondering if skipping a grade was right for L.  Here are some we thought of that might be helpful to someone else, too: 1.  Is the child emotionally ready? 2.  Does the child make friends easily/adapt to new situations […]

Our School Experience

In the past few weeks, I’ve had three different friends ask me about L.’s experiences in school, as their own kids faced the possibility of skipping a grade.  This post is a synopsis of the past few years for us and L. as a student.  My hope is for parents to find the right solution […]