A Poem?

As a Word Press user, I decided to check out the Daily Post Challenge: this time, it was to try something new.  I used to write what I called poetry quite often.  I’m certain this is a meager attempt, but it was fun to do and very refreshing to change the way in which my thoughts go down on the screen!  Perhaps I’ll really stretch my limits and add some photos and links, since I do have that techno-phobia problem.  Here it goes…


Sitting on the floor

Uncomfortable, but not wanting to change

Hungry after good exercise

Getting more nourishment from reading and writing

How precious is this time

Just me

Hissing baby monitors capturing peaceful child breath

After a day of questions, stories, laughter, whines, thanks, and a constant commentary


Now, the rush of thoughts in my mind can flood the page

Now, the swirl of prayers, praises, songs, musings, revelations, and ideas can escape

These moments are mine

Finding that place between thinking and sleeping

The days of a mother are so full of life, sound, and every sense

Evenings are when I can take those rich moments back out

Examining, remembering, savoring, giving thanks

Pouring it all out so my heart and my mind can be all filled up again



One comment

  1. This is a wonderful mother poem! I look forward to more poetry from you.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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