His Poem for Her Birthday

I hesitated to share this so publicly, but it’s just too beautiful to keep to ourselves.  After dinner one evening last week, L. showed his Daddy and me a poem he had just written for his sister, as her birthday was approaching.  As an only child, I’ve been fascinated by the dynamics between L. and A. as they have grown.  Sometimes, there is so much love and sibling pride between them, it is heart-bursting.  Other times, there is so much tension, bickering, frustration, and tears that I wonder how we’ll get through the rest of the day peacefully.  Deep down, though, I know that there is sincere adoration between them, and this poem truly captured that from L.’s mind and heart:

“A Sister” by L.P.

A sister, oh what a gift to see.

Such a wonderful present, from God to me.

The two of us that makes a we.

Such treasures hath God given to me

But none as great as family.

I literally cried tears of love, pride, and joy as I read it out loud.  V. felt the same way, of course, and A. smiled and looked happily at her brother.  It is good for me as a mom to know that these earnest feelings exist, in moments when there is envy or impatience between them.  Within the same day, there can be big, spontaneous bear hugs, books read together, toys shared, forts snuggled in…and tears over who is getting more parental attention, or who got a treat during the day, or who has more toys.  L. is obviously more able to express the roots of his unhappiness, and just the other day we had a rather heart-wrenching conversation about the lack of L.-and-Mommy time, which I hope to remedy at least a bit over the weekend when there is no school.

Bottom line:  I know the love is real and deep, and I hope that these two continue to grow closer as siblings always.  I’ll take it all, the ups and downs, the smiles and frowns, to see L. and A. growing, thriving, learning, playing, living in our home.  My cup runneth over…



  1. Just beautiful!! So glad you shared.

  2. This is absolutely the BEST!!! Thanks for sharing! These are the same dynamics my two older children share and when you see things like this it is the best feeling!!! My kids call each other their best friends and sometimes you wouldn’t know this by the way they argue but the way they take care of one another is all the proof I need!

    1. It helps to have these reminders of their love in the midst if those tough moments. I hope to frame the poem and put it up in A.’s room!

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