Colors Nearby: Family Trip to Captiva, FL

A blogger friend of mine posts beautiful pictures often of the plants and scenery around her.  Today, she posted some shots of great blue flowers in her garden, along with a poem inspired by what she saw.  Her poems always get me to pause and realize just how much God speaks to us through all of Creation.  As I read her poem today and looked at the photos she shared, I began to think of some favorite “blues” of mine down here in south Florida.  We don’t go to the beach often, but every time we do, the beauty of the water, sky, and shells delight us.  These are a few pictures I took on a winter-time family outing to Captiva Island, FL.

The first picture is one of my all-time favorites from the beach.  There was just water and sky.  Our family had walked out from where we were staying for the weekend, fairly early in the morning, and I got a shot with no people, boats, or birds.  I love the peacefulness of it, and I remember the strangeness of being at the beach on a cold day–we don’t get many of those down here!  I also love the colors in the picture, and the way the sand, water, and sky blend together almost seamlessly, even though they have distinct hues.  That sandy brown and the bluish-green of the water are the main colors in our bedroom and living room.  We find them soothing, refreshing, clean, crisp, and very complementary.

The second picture shows just what a treasure-trove of shells this beach can be!  I don’t think we even took any home with us from that trip; there were too many from which to choose!  Again, the variety of colors was dazzling, as well as the shapes and textures.  I especially notice the sheen from constant water-smoothing.  There is much to learn about the effects of pressure and refining in our lives…

In the third picture, I apologize to any readers who are not keen on seeing feet.  I like the picture because it’s just L. and me.  At the time of the picture, little A. was quite little, just learning to walk in fact.  I love that there are occasions here and there for me to be with just my little guy, and that we both still treasure those times.  I also enjoy the strange weather we were having on that trip–we needed sweaters or jeans, but there was enough warmth for flip flops.

These all show some of my favorite colors outside and remind me of a wonderful family trip.  I hope to get some good shots even closer to home, of the plants and wildlife near where we live.  My pictures may be quite different in content from my blogging friend’s photos, but God’s Creation has a multitude of colors and forms!



  1. Lovely shots! Nice feet too! I look forward to seeing more of your southern pictures…
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks! We have been talking about going to the beach soon, now that the weather isn’t blazing hot! I still take most pictures with my ever-ready iPhone, so I will make sure to get some good shots next time we’re out and about!

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