A New Chapter?

I sent an e-mail tonight.  Why would that warrant a new blog post, you wonder?  I sent the e-mail to a local music instructor, expressing our interest in getting L. and A. into violin lessons!

L. has been taking piano lessons through school for a year, but has also been asking about learning the violin for about the same amount of time.  His school offers piano lessons for the youngest students, and other instruments are available to learn as the students get older.  We told him to stick with the piano, and if he still wanted to pursue violin by the end of this school year, he could begin.  It’s not the end of the school year yet, but L. can thank his little sister for moving things up a bit…

Our little A. has a great and growing interest in music.  She loves to sing, dance, listen, pretend to play, and talk about music.  I’m not sure how her interest in violin began; I know that I often play the classical radio station in the car, and there are many pieces featuring violins.  I think I have described and attempted to demonstrate just about every orchestral instrument to her while driving.  Go ahead, picture that, it’s pretty funny, and don’t worry, I am still a safe driver.  Sometimes, A. will ask me to guess what instrument she is trying to play:  whether it’s the tuba, clarinet, piano, trumpet, or violin, she can emulate the sounds and hand positions/movements very accurately!  Whenever we listen to classical music, she immediately asks me what instruments I hear.  She is getting a keener ear, too, and is able to identify them herself!  I asked her if we found a teacher, whether she would try taking lessons to learn how to play the violin, and she seemed eager.

After receiving some very strong recommendations for the Suzuki method of learning, I looked up teachers of this method in our town.  I found some!  I sent an e-mail to these instructors, inquiring what and when our next steps should be.

We love our children and get so much joy out of seeing their interests and talents bloom.  We don’t know yet what will come of this new chapter in their lives, but we are excited to find out!

Because we are new at being parents-of-possible-violin-playing-children, any wisdom or advice or encouragement is welcome!  



  1. I have no advice to offer. But I salute you for responding to their desire to learn. My oldest took a break from guitar lessons; but I let him know he could start back anytime. Now he has been back at it for a few months and loves it! Keep staying flexible like you already are.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Flexibility already–after talking a little more, L. has decided to stick with just piano for now. A. is still interested in learning violin, but just this week has been expressing even more interest in the trumpet! I told her violin might be a better one to start with, until her lungs and body grow a little more (she’s a petite, 25-pound kid!). I received a very kind and informative phone call and e-mail from the instructor I had contacted–I’d say we’re off to a good start! She invited us to observe some of the holiday concerts and lessons her students will be doing over the next week–hope we can make it to something so A. can see in person!

  2. My daughter loves music too of all kinds and I just recently purchased a youth violin at a thrift store that just needs to have the bow restrung or a new bow! They offer violin lessons at the school in 3rd grade so next year Iris will be able to get this experience…she is so excited! I love seeing little kids playing violin…it’s so amazing!

    1. What a good find! I hope Iris enjoys learning violin at school! After further discussion, L. is going to stick with piano for now and A. will begin violin lessons soon. I received both a phone call and an e-mail in reply from the instructor I’d contacted—a great start!

  3. It’s great when kids show interest and talent in music at a young age!

    1. Yes! My husband and I are excited to cultivate these interests that our little ones are showing!

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