I finally stopped

Long enough tonight

To let the tears come

They had needed to fall

But not in front of the little eyes

That don’t yet grasp grief and weariness

I set aside the order and reason of laundry

And just sat down on my bedroom floor

Songs filled my ears and my heart

Reminding me of hope, grace, and love

And from where my help comes

I have taken grief and hurt to the same One before

He has counted every tear and heard every sob

He has known every thought before I’ve uttered a word

Words and verses still spin in my mind

Nothing here, or there, or anywhere

Can pluck me from that deep, deep love

Here I stand, here I weep

He will never let go

Blessed assurance


Our nation’s recent tragedy weighs heavily on my heart, especially as it points to more evil we will surely face.  My greatest sense of urgency, my greatest desire, is to flood our children with love and prayer.  As we face darkness, do you know where to find light?  



  1. I love your poem! It is an echo of many mother’s tears this week wisely shed in secret…
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Yes, there have been many moments in the past few days that I have wanted to let the tears fall, and last night I wasn’t even expecting that. I was folding laundry and turned on a praise and worship station on my phone….next thing I knew, I had set down the piles of clothes and just sat on my floor and wept. Grief AND praise together!

  2. I am completely out of sorts too. I haven’t even been interested in blogging lately. Every time I watch the news, the tears begin to well up. But like you, I go to the THE source. Just continue praying for grace and mercy over the victims’ families. I’m not sure what else I can do?

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