Monthly Archives: January 2013

Florida Winter

A Haiku for the Palm Tree No icicles here Majestic green fronds, soaring Florida winter   I wrote this poem in my head while stopped at a traffic light yesterday.  I think I remembered it correctly!  I took the picture last week (mid-January) while at the neighborhood pool with my daughter.  She loves wearing shorts […]

My Guest Writer

I have full permission from this writer, who is most esteemed in our family, to publish one of his poems here.  You probably haven’t heard of him, nor will I even use his full name here.  He is our dear son, who will turn 8 this spring.  He likes to write, it comes easily to […]

Awake and Listening

There are so many things swirling and storming in my mind and heart, it would be impractical to try to put them into one post.  If I don’t write some of it down, though, I feel as though it will all burst out with no rhyme or reason.  If you’ve read any of my other […]

2012 in review

I have enjoyed getting to know many gifted bloggers from around the world in the past seven months since beginning my own place to write.  Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read one, or all, of my posts!  I look forward to writing and reading more in 2013.  Blessings to all. […]

The Voices: A Battle

Every day, we have a choice To heed one or another voice There are two who want to rule each mind To hem us in, front and behind One came to heal us and bring joy The other comes to kill, steal, and destroy Those whispers we hear… To which will we give ear? One […]