Florida Winter

Florida Winter

A Haiku for the Palm Tree

No icicles here
Majestic green fronds, soaring
Florida winter


I wrote this poem in my head while stopped at a traffic light yesterday.  I think I remembered it correctly!  I took the picture last week (mid-January) while at the neighborhood pool with my daughter.  She loves wearing shorts and flip flops and sleeveless tops, a true Florida girl!  She is confused this week as we have had to wear (gasp) pants, socks, and fleece jackets in the mornings.  Having grown up in Connecticut, this kind of winter is still strange to me, but I have to say it is beautiful, too.


  1. What a beautiful poem! As you know, I can definitely relate to warm balmy winters. People in Connecticut would probably think I’m a wimp for saying, “I’m freezing” when it’s only sixty degrees outside! 🙂

    1. Thank you! Yes, I looked at what I was wearing this morning in 52 degree weather and laughed when I thought about how “balmy” that would’ve been to me, growing up. My blood has thinned, for sure. My daughter just doesn’t get it yet…until she feels the colder air outside and maybe on some level thanks her mommy for putting socks on her!

  2. Seems like the weather is traveling around. Mtetar

    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

      1. You’re Welcome, and feel free to stop by mine. Thanks in advance. http://projectsbyMtetar.wordpress.com

  3. I love the haiku and I love the angle of the photo! Florida winters look great to a sun starved soul such as me…

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks! The angle was because I was sitting at a table having a snack with A. I have a sweet picture of her, too, smiling and glowing in the sun…such fun times! If you ever find yourself in Florida, please drop by!

  4. You are killing me. It is 42 degrees here right now. Gray. Damp. Icky. Killing me!

    1. I lived the first 18 years of my life in the north. This year, I will celebrate having spent an equal amount in the south! My husband, being from southeast Asia, just might shrivel up and freeze if we were to live up north again!

  5. Gorgeous shot and poem!!! I am definitely jealous!!!

  6. Great poem!!

  7. Love your blog!
    And this post! I take pictures of palm trees, too! Originally from NJ, and now a Floridian, I too complained to my cousin in NJ last week when it got below 60 degrees, and I had to wear a warm-up suit to take my walk!! Since her weather was below freezing, she wasn’t sympathetic at all!!!
    God Bless!

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