True Friends

Observing my children with their friends and also considering the friends in my life, I’m wanting to express thankfulness to those who are true friends!

True friends

Listen as much as they speak

Encourage when we are weak

True friends

Laugh with us till we cry

Encourage when life is one long sigh

True friends

Pause their lives to lend an ear

When there are sobs and prayers to hear

True friends

Smile and share in delight

When there is only sunshine in sight

True friends

Can be incredibly hard to find

As our life’s path begins to wind

True friends

Around the world or around the bend

What a precious gift, to find a true friend!



  1. Very Nice, and Great Post. Soooo True. Thanks for sharing, Be A Blessings

    1. Thank you! I’m glad to have friends who inspire these words–we all need them!

      1. You’re always welcome, Mtetar

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