Distant But Coming

Distant thunder, getting closer, rumbling in the night

No rain yet, nor any wind, no reason for fuss or fright

Low, deep grumblings, I should be sleeping

Instead a late night watch I am keeping

It’s like knowing when a change is near

So we carefully turn eye and ear

All the signs point one way

But exact events? None can say

Is it of more than just a storm I speak?

Is there more to this life that we should seek?

Change is coming, it’s in the air

So be on guard, be aware!



  1. “So be on guard, be aware!” are wise words!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Not so wise: being awake past midnight with two kids who don’t “get” the idea of sleeping past 6 on Saturdays. L is coughing, so I can hear that through his monitor (the kids are upstairs so the monitor is still useful even though they’re not babies anymore)…the rain is heavy…I had a lot of coffee earlier. I need to just turn the light off and sleep! Have a good night and weekend, blessings to you as well! Our house is up for sale, by the way, as of yesterday!!

      1. You and your family are on my morning prayer list. 🙂

      2. Thank you! That truly means a lot to me (and all of us)!

  2. Encouraging post. Mtetar

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