Checking In

Greetings to all!  I still enjoy writing, I still care about this blog, and I am still the same person.  In fact, the one-year anniversary of my blog came and went last week, with only the fanfare of sharing the news with my husband!  There have been many things to write about in the past few weeks, but I have been swamped by life!

Praise God, it’s all good things that have swamped me…here’s a brief recap:

–L’s 8th birthday at the end of last month, which got spread across a few weeks to accommodate friends and family.  We had a family gathering, a lunch at school, and a kids’ party just this past weekend.  L feels very loved and celebrated!

–L’s junior fine arts competition.  Last Monday, he finally recited the passage from Acts 9 he’s been practicing for a few months.  He delivered it so well.  The judges agreed with our family, and awarded him first place!  He gets to recite it again at the state competition in a few weeks!  He spoke for about three minutes, but we stayed in a hotel overnight to attend the event and drove about three hours each way!

–Finding a house to rent from June until (?????).  We received an enormous blessing of timing last week:  my parents were speaking with some neighbors two doors down from them and found out the neighbors would be ending their lease and looking for new renters.  V went up and looked at the house with my mom and the realtor, and next thing we knew, we were signing a three month lease for a four-bedroom house on my parents’ street!  This will give us time to look around for a house to buy and to figure out where L will attend school in the area where V is starting his new job.  Having a summer near my parents, and much closer to V’s family too, will be amazing.

–Trying to keep our house tidy enough to show to prospective buyers.  We have had two showings in two months, but a lot of online lookers.  We hope that once the school year ends, more families will be able to actually come see the house, and that we’ll get someone great to make a wonderful offer!

–Fatigue.  By the end of the day, even when I’m itching to write, my brain is just spent most of the time.  I’ve also been trying to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, so if I do that at night after the kids go to bed, and then clean up the house, and shower…it’s just about bedtime.  These days are whizzing by.

What would I write about if I had more time?   Let’s see…

–the book of Romans.  Our church has been going through it and it is refreshing my heart so much to hear reminders of the great hope and freedom we have in Christ.  I am encouraged to remember that our troubles here are light and momentary when compared with the glory that awaits us!

–a book I’m reading, “Stepping Heavenward”.  I learn new things from this book every time I read it.  It is by Elizabeth Prentiss and is about a woman’s journey of discovering God’s love in her life and how that affects everything she does as a daughter, friend, sister, wife (to a physician, at that), and mother.  She has a quick temper and often speaks impulsively–so besides the fact that the story takes place a century and a half ago, it’s eerily similar to my life.

–the grace I see in the story of Saul in Acts 9:1-22–the passage that L memorized and recited in the speech event.  I’m also discovering a lot about Ananias, the disciple whom God instructed to go to Saul to restore his sight and bring him into the community of believers.  Ananias’ life reminds me to be faithful in living out what I profess, to be available to God to bless others, and to be a person of prayer (listening as much as uttering).

I greatly enjoy reading all the blogs that come through on a daily basis.  I am doing my best to keep up with them, and hope to be more active here soon!  Blessings to all!


  1. By God’s grace, you are meeting all of your challenges and coming through with flying colors! So many accomplishments to be proud of and to see God’s hand orchestrating everything! How time has flown- a year of blogging and blessing people even as you and your family have been blessed, and MY year anniversary right around the corner, too! GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME and ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD! \O/

    1. Thank you! I could make a post about the ups and downs of how I’ve handled everything! I’ve noticed a lot of anxiety and control issues that are not usually that evident. When the music began at church this weekend, I almost wept at the first note–I think I was more weary than I had thought. I am learning how much more I need to run to Jesus in everything, something I thought I knew but obviously still need to practice! Happy almost-anniversary for your blog, too. May we keep seeking out the riches of God’s Word and His gospel!

  2. Congrats to L on all his accomplishments, and May God continues to richly Bless him in all his endeavors. Happy Belated Birthday as well! Great post and thank you for sharing your story. Be Blessed, Mtetar

    1. Thank you! It’s an exciting season!

      1. It sure is, that’s what service, and Bible Study spoke about. I can hardly wait for the word during tonight’s Bible Study. How’s the little one coming along with Potty Time? I hope well and knowing it is going to be all right. Kind regards to all. Be Blessed, Mtetar

  3. You’ve been busy, and there is a lot of exciting news in your post. Good for Little L! It’s nice when hard work is rewarded – especially when it’s so meaningful. The Book of Romans is on my list to start reading again this week. It is a good time for it. Have fun this summer with your parents, and congratulations on your first year blogging anniversary. 🙂

    1. Thank you! L was ecstatic when I told him he’d gotten first place. Reward or not, he was ready to recite his passage, and he truly rose to the occasion. It is fun to watch both kids grow in confidence and expression!

  4. Wow! That is really exciting about L’s competition! I can’t wait to hear how he does at state! Also, what a lovely summer you will have living down the street from your parents! I am trying to rack my brain remembering if you said you are moving to a different state eventually though. I’m sure it will all be hard for you to leave when that time comes!

    1. We are not moving out of state…only about an hour and a half north from where we are now, in fact. We are truly covering the Gulf Coast! The whole event of moving is quite bittersweet! Living near my parents for even a few months will surely soften the blow for the kids, especially.

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  6. How wonderful to be able to live so close to your mom during transition! Congratulations to your son. Blogging is tricky to fit in time for when you are a parent. Even though my kids are older, I find it hard to have quiet time to write – so I end up writing while they are at a lesson or asleep. It will get easier for you as your kids get older. Happy Blog anniversary!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

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