Lots of Forks

Tomorrow, we are having some beloved family members over for the 4th of July.  There will be lots of forks, because I know there will be lots of food.  I will try to walk that fine line between enjoying a bit of everything and feeling overly full!

There are also lots of forks of another kind right now in our family:  forks in the road.  Big life events and decisions seem to come in clusters for us.  Job changes, moves, health challenges, financial concerns, school choices.  Each issue on its own is important and large in our minds, and when they start stacking up like the dishes in the sink, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and worried.

I’ve seen different coping strategies in each of the four of us, some more effective than others.

My husband is a man of action and is constantly making progress on all the fires we have burning.  He exercises in the evening and makes time to rest and relax afterward.

Our son, L, reads a lot and plays as much on his favorite video game as we will allow him.  Like his sister, though, he seems to have little things get under his skin more than usual lately.

Our daughter, A, has all the controlling and demanding traits one might expect from a 3-year old, and then some.  All of the change in our lives is a foreign concept to her especially, and she literally clings to all things familiar.

I like to think I have stayed calm and cool through all of this, but I know that’s not the whole truth.  I’ve been more emotional, more tired, and more edgy.  Some old, unhelpful thought patterns have tried to rise to the surface here and there, which makes for frustrating distractions from the things I want and need to focus on! I apologize to any and all who have witnessed this!  On the positive side, V and I have been talking and praying more, which has helped us to know which choices to make and to feel at peace with what we decide.

As I was thinking about all of our “forks” tonight, I looked up my verse of the day on my phone’s Bible app.  It made me smile and filled my heart with hope and peace:

“This is what the Lord says–your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:

‘I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what is best for you, who directs you in the

way you should go.'”  (Isaiah 48:17)

This is so comforting to me.  I have walked with God long enough to know that he truly does want what is best for me.  I crave his direction and wisdom.  Parents, you know what I mean, about longing for your children to choose good paths in life and doing all you can to guide them and help them.  God wants that for each of us, and his love is perfect!  I rejoice to know that I can put my life in his hands.

What do you do when there is a big fork in the road, or lots of them?  

What situations in your life have you entrusted to God’s care?  Are there any that you are trying to figure out on your own?  

Many blessings to all who are also facing lots of forks!




  1. I see where L gets his ability with metaphors!! I get so overwhelmed with decision making too. The domino effect plays over in my head about the results of each decision. My husband’s way of thinking is completely different and he just always goes with his initial gut instinct. Needless to say he rarely has a sleepless night!

    1. It’s so interesting to see how different family members process decisions and change. I am thankful for the balance in my family that allows us to help each other. My husband and I handle things differently, but we both sleep like rocks at night most of the time. We usually see the effects of stress show up in other aspects of our health and behavior.

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