The Race Marked Out For Me

I think often about writing here.  Then there is a lunch to make for the next day, clothes to fold, dishes to clean, a cat to snuggle with, and a few fleeting hours to catch up with my husband.  This is a very consuming season of life!  I might not get to write much, but the days have been rich with growth, change, and blessing.   I’ve been thinking a lot about the verses that inspired the title of my blog, Running the Race.  Those verses from the Bible, in the beginning of Hebrews chapter 12, are even the theme verses for a series of sermons at our church lately.  I’ve been thinking a lot about this race I’m running, and how “my race” is important to those around me…

Yes, L has returned to school.  My “little” boy, whose head now comes up to the top of my chest, started fourth grade a few weeks ago, in a new school, in a new town.  One of the best things I heard within the first week was one of his classmates greeting him cheerfully by name.  Every parent’s heart sings to see her child liked, accepted, welcomed.  He has found an extra-curricular activity that he is very excited about called Odyssey of the Mind.   Students from his school have done very well in past years in regional, state, national, and even world levels of competition, so we are truly looking forward to seeing his role unfold!  Keep running, dear boy!

Little A is spreading her wings, too.  For anyone who has been reading my blog for a while, you know I have written about her reluctance to do things away from me.  We finally found a place of confidence and passion for her:  gymnastics.  She and I did a mommy-and-me class in our old town for a year, but three weeks ago she stepped cheerfully and eagerly into a class with other three-year olds and a teacher while I watched from afar.  She now spends most of her days in her shiny blue gymnastics leotard, practicing handstands against the wall, forward and backwards rolls on our exercise mat, splits, and whatever else she can make happen in our living room that isn’t overtly dangerous.  When she isn’t doing gymnastics, she dons her black leotard and pink tights and practices what ballet she has learned from family and YouTube videos of everyone from little girls to professionals.  We are working on finding a suitable class for her.  Keep running, dear girl!

A husband is obviously different from a child, but it is my privileged role to walk with my husband in faith daily, to pray with and for him, and to support him in every way I can.  Seeing him take risks that I believe in, and then seeing him succeed, are some of my greatest joys.  Just as the children have begun new chapters in life, so has my dear V.  He is thriving in his job, and there is a wonderful light in his eyes because of it.  Keep running, dear husband!

Seeing confidence and excitement in my children fills V and me with joy.  Every day I’ve spent at home with them has had a part in preparing them to soar in their new environments.  I certainly don’t want to claim any super-mommy powers, but I do want to encourage especially those who choose to stay at home with their children like I have.  I’ve gotten out of the habit of saying “just a stay at home mom” when people ask what I do.  Sometimes I get intimidated by my husband and his colleagues with their multiple degrees and brilliance that seems to emanate from their heads.  What we do, moms, is so precious and important.  We build up our little ones (and our husbands), we provide a safe and pleasant place for them to land at the end of each day, we listen and applaud and hug and help and bandage and love until everyone can rest easily at night and be ready to run again the next day.

To borrow from my blog’s title and “theme verses”, I am running alongside my family in the race marked out for them.  I am part of their “cloud of witnesses”.  Much like athletic achievements, there are many, many days of repetition, practice, and conditioning, such that one might wonder if there is progress.  But then there are moments like my son’s first week of school, or my little girl’s first gymnastics class, or my husband’s first month at his new job–and there are the answered prayers, the long-awaited hopes coming into sight.  What an awesome race God has marked out for me.  I am honored to keep running, with my eyes on the author and perfecter of my faith.  Keep running, dear readers!



  1. I love your attitude that counts your role in this race as an honor. It truly is! Your family is blessed by your Proverb’s woman heart.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you, Wendy. Your example is one I often look to as encouragement in my race!

  2. You know I also get caught up in the “I’m just a _____” thinking, too. Although I am nowhere near motherhood, I could relate to this post in so many different ways. We do influence those around us more than we ever take the time to realize. Our everyday races might seem insignificant at times, but I’m finally learning that’s just not true. Have a wonderful day, Alison! ❤

    1. Thank you! I hope your day is wonderful, too. Our pastor said a few weeks ago that we don’t always get to see the fruit of what we plant–but being cheerfully willing to do what’s in front of us can yield far more than we can imagine! Keep investing in others–it’s never in vain! –Alison

  3. Alison, you already know that I’ve struggled with living in my husband’s shadow. Being the wife of a professional can make a person feel ‘small’ at times. But, the reality is, we are equal in part. We just have different roles.

    To be honest, I think stay-at-home moms are storing tons of treasures in Heaven. Have a blessed week my sweet friend!

    1. Yes!! Different roles do not mean one is more or less important! That is a great way to explain it.

      And yes, we are certainly storing up treasures in heaven. What a wonderful reminder.

      I hope you have a blessed week, too.

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