“Mommy, Can You Take Away My Sickness?”

In this house, we see frequent, but not too serious, cases of strep throat and ear infections.  I know what the symptoms look like, I know how to care for the kids, even though it’s mostly L.  Little A has had a handful of colds and minor afflictions, compared to her school-aged brother and his record full of amoxicillin prescriptions.

When A woke up yesterday telling me she had a stuffy nose, sore throat, and headache, I figured I knew what was coming.  Armed with this mommy confidence, I brought her along to look at two houses as we started our search for a permanent place.  After all, I could carry her, make sure I had her water, and we’d be fine.

As my husband drove and made lots of turns to get to Prospective House 1, Little A started complaining of queasiness.  Still, I was unfazed, since she often has queasiness as a symptom of being tired and/or hungry.  We pressed on.  By the time we got to Prospective House 2, she was getting distressed about the queasiness.  We were out on the lanai by the pool that wasn’t quite done yet, as the house was still under construction.  Then that moment came that all parents know, when a child is about to throw up.  And she did.

We wrapped up our visit and thanked our realtor, who was very sympathetic.  Neither house was “the one”, by the way.  Since A has moved away from diapers, I discovered I had no wet wipes in the car with which to freshen up till we got home.  (What kind of mommy doesn’t have wet wipes in her Mommy-mobile or bag?)  Tissues had to mop us up, and we made it home with no further incidents.

We are not a stomach virus house.  I’ve actually had the most cases (2) of stomach illness among the four of us.  I read friends’ stories about all the sheets and towels and buckets and knew our turn would come at some point, but for eight years, I had never had a child with a stomach bug.  That changed.

If you call upon imagination and past experience, you’ll be able to picture the kind of night we had.  The best part is that as of this morning, she could finally keep some water down.

I’m hoping she will manage some kind of simple food this afternoon and gradually get her strength back.  I hope she feels strong enough to go to her beloved gymnastics class in the middle of the week.  She has started talking about both food and gymnastics, so I’ll take that as a good sign.

It’s a minor ailment, but it is hard to see our little ones sick!  I am excited to see her tumbling, climbing, jumping, splitting, handstanding, running, and hula-hooping again!  She has asked me to take away the sickness, as if I had some kind of Mommy magic.

This got me thinking about things from a spiritual perspective, though:  there are things in our minds and hearts that can affect the way we live.  Thoughts, habits, hurts, can weigh us down and slow or even stop our growth if we don’t deal with them.  Of course, we have to see sickness for what it is first.  A stomach bug is a stomach bug, we can see the symptoms and figure out the right treatments.  Spiritual sickness, or what God calls “sin”, keeps us from growing and enjoying God’s blessing.  When we see it for what it is–anything that separates us from God–that is the first step.  When we go to God in prayer and acknowledge our “sickness”, that is the next step.  I was not able to remove A’s sickness from her body, but God can and will remove our sin and clean us up, just as we are.  Then we can begin to live again, taking steps on the good path.

My morning bible verse helps explain some of my thoughts, too, and seems a good way to end this post:

God saved you by his grace when you believed.  And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.  Salvation is not a reward from God for the good things we have done, so none of us can boast about it.”  –Ephesians 2:8,9.

I pray that your weekend is full of health–in body, heart, and mind!



  1. Take it to God in prayer because HE is in control of all and everything. Blessings, Mtetar

  2. I received the same verse from youversion today. Blessings, Mtetar

  3. I feel for you with a sick little one. My heart always aches when my daughter gets gaunt during illness. They bounce back fully and quickly. I pray the same for your wee one.

    Blessings upon your family and upon house hunting ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you! I know she will bounce back! It is good to see her getting some good sleep right now. The house hunting will happen; we aren’t in a rush. We did officially sell our old home today, as the closing went smoothly! –Alison

  4. Alison, I thought you would appreciate this little chat with my Miss A. My Mum is having surgery next week. When I told Miss, she asked all her usual questions so I said Mama needed to be sewn up to which she replied: “Can’t you sew her up Mummy? You’re good at sewing”. I don’t do a lot of sewing but she thought if I sewed her up, then she wouldn’t have to go to hospital. If only she always had such faith in me! xx Ro

    1. Awww, sweet question from your Miss A. If only things were so simple! And that comment suggests that she *does* have quite a bit of faith in you, I think!

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