The Right Words

Sometimes, we feel as if we are coasting through the days and everything falls neatly into place.  Other times, we feel as if we are trudging through thick mud against a strong wind.  I’ve had a few “mud and wind” experiences over the past few days, and I’ve found that if I don’t step back and re-group quickly, it is so easy to sink deeper and deeper, and start wondering if it’s always going to be muddy and windy.

One day, I was holding my little girl on my lap.  She had fallen asleep after a big meltdown, the cause of which isn’t totally clear or relevant at this point.  It was her first big tantrum in a while, so I was feeling particularly frustrated, having thought we had moved past those events.  I opened the Bible app on my phone as I sat there watching her sleep, and here was the verse of the day: “…he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”  These are the words of the apostle Paul, in his letter to the Philippian church, to encourage them.  How quickly I had forgotten the timing of God–namely, it is not my own timing!  God is at work in my heart and in those of my family.  None of us change and grow instantly and permanently.  I must remember this for my children, myself, and everyone!

Another day, my mind was spinning because in the span of an afternoon, my dear little girl had travelled the whole spectrum of development:  at one point, she was convinced that she was an 8-year old and that I should let her attempt a forwards flip in our living room, with an exercise mat and sofa cushions to catch her.  I’ve already told her that she needs to learn skills like this at her gymnastics class, from her teachers, and that I couldn’t and wouldn’t let her try it at home.  After we had moved on from that discussion, she started asking for a diaper even though she has been comfortable using the bathroom long enough for her request to truly surprise me.  Instead of trying to be 8, or 2, couldn’t she just be an almost-4-year-old?  I did my best to keep my cool during both of these standoffs, but I know I could have done better.  I need to always be her “safe place to land”.  She is still trying to figure out who she is, how she’s supposed to act, and what’s important in life.  I can’t let these hiccups get me so anxious.  Not surprisingly, Little A fell asleep in the car on the way to pick up her brother from school.  As we sat in the parking lot, I let her have a few more minutes to snooze, and I again opened my Bible.  That day’s verse was this, from the Gospel of John:  “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.  I do not give to you as the world gives.  Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.”  Amen.

I definitely needed a change of outlook on both of those days.  I was letting myself get stuck in those moments instead of seeing the bigger picture.  I know I can trust God to grow my daughter’s heart–and mine!

I am so glad that I have learned to see the Bible as alive and able to instruct in every situation.  It is healing, wise, loving, convicting, truth-filled, and life-giving.  I didn’t always understand it could be all those things, but I’m glad I do now.  I can’t imagine life without those words.



  1. Amen!!! Great post. Continue to Be a Blessing because you’re Blessed. Mtetar

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Mtetar! I always enjoy hearing from you. I am so glad I took the time to regroup and seek God in His Word. It’s never the wrong thing to do.

      1. My pleasure especially for HIS Glory! His Word is everything we need. Hope all is well, Mtetar

  2. A change in outlook can be exactly what we all need. I’m so glad you were given the chance to see things differently and look at the bigger pictures. It’s easy to get stuck in those moments of uncertainty, but I have learned, as have you, looking at the bigger picture can change everything. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed this! ❤

    1. Thanks for your visit and your comment, Kelsi! We are all works in progress!!

  3. Hi Alison! It is so easy to get bogged down in those little things. They seem so huge and bigger than you at the moment…almost unconquerable. Looking back, so many times that I have got frustrated, I laugh at myself now. No matter what we are dealing with it’s always best to step back from it for a minute and get a different point a view!

    1. Yes, Melissa, it’s true! Moms often don’t get the chance to even for a few minutes walk away from a tense situation to cool down and think; we have to think on the spot and try to stay calm. Sometimes I do it well, and other times…I’m another work in progress!! Have a good weekend!

  4. Keep doing what you are doing (loving your daughter & turning to the Word) and you both are going to be closer than you ever dreamed as she ages. Your daughter is so blessed to have a godly mom. You are wise to protect her from trying gymnastics in an unsafe setting. My family doctor, who is an excellent mom (& doctor), now has a paralyzed son to care for as he had an accident on their property. I am amazed that my kids have made it in one piece when I look back at our old country life..

    I love those verses you quoted; they are both strengthening and comforting.

    Blessings ~ Wendy.

  5. It is so easy to see what might be a phase with the kids as I s gn of some dreadful decent into the abyss of no return. We have had smooth sailing with the kids lately although we’ve all been home sick for the school holidays. We’ve actually been coughing and feverish at my parents’ beach house where we have beautiful water views and can watch the yachts sail passed and enjoy all the water birds. Perhaps, the kids have been too sick to rev up but it has been a welcome change. They are also getting older and we can do more together. There are people who are great with little kids and I think I am coming into my own now as they get older.
    Being down here and watching the water, also helps better experience God’s peace. The ocean seems to breathe in and out and it just takes its time and I love how the sunlight just sparkles over the water. xx Rowena

    1. I’m glad you are in such a peaceful setting–it sounds beautiful! Thanks as always for your visit to my blog! I hope your kids feel better soon–both of mine are sick with colds this week, but each with unique symptoms! Keeps me on my toes, right?

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