The Day the Cat Got Out

I’m posting this again, as each year I love to remember welcoming our first child into the world!

Running the Race

Nine years ago today, our orange tabby cat, Larry, nudged his way out of our screened porch in New Orleans.  He had never gotten out before, but that’s because V and I always remembered to latch the screen door when we knew Larry was out there.  Saturday, April 23, 2005, was humid and warm, and I was eight months and a few weeks pregnant with our first child, L.

My heart sunk when I glanced out to the porch from the living room and saw the screen door not just unlatched, but a few inches ajar.  I searched our small home frantically, but I knew what had happened.  Larry had gotten out.  I told V my fears, and we immediately headed outside to look under our raised house.  Sure enough, there was our kitty.  Square in the middle of the space beneath the white stucco house.  I was too pregnant…

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  1. Hello. It’s been awhile since we’ve been in touch. Haven’t been well but getting back on deck again. Loved your story about your cat. We had a Lassie Collie who ran away and we never found him. Our current dog is fantastic. Never runs off. Comes when you call him but is getting quite withdrawn, which seems a bit odd for a dog. I think he’s constantly on guard. He’s 8 and we have started thinking about our next dog but hopefully he’ll keep going for awhile yet.

    1. Hello! I’ve been all but gone from my blog in the past six months! We have moved into a new home, and I’ve felt distracted, uninspired, cluttered…but I miss this community of writers, so I was happy to see this comment from you! I am sorry you were not well, and I hope that things have improved since then! Both of my children will be in school this year (though Little A will only be half-day), so I’m hoping to get back into some writing!

      1. Alison, it was lovely to hear from you again. I seem to be the proverbial phoenix. My lung volumes have increased from 40% to 60% and my specialist said he was impressed. I think my results actually defied logic.
        I had quite a break from blogging myself but managed to get back on track and I’m working towards a memoir cookbook. Teaching my kids how to cook. True to form, it has been a hilarious experience with our chaotic family.
        My kids have joined the local sea scouts as cubs and have been sailing, canoeing, camping and last week end, Geoff and the kids even went flying in a 4 seater plane owned by the scouts. It has been a fabulous opportunity. I write the press releases for them and am on the fundraising committee.
        The last year has been very frustrating as I haven’t known how it would all work out and have had to develop what I call “optimistic realism”. So far, it is working well for me. I also went up for healing at Church and I know that helped. Our head pastor is a lady called Darlene Zschech who is a well known Christian song writer who used to be at Hillsong.
        It will be good to have a bit more time for yourself although I find time evaporates. I have been doing a writing course called: “The Artist’s Way” which is a book by Julia Cameron. You do these morning pages where you write 3 pages every morning (I sometimes do it last thing at night which really does suit me better) and you have a weekly artist’s date with yourself. I have been intending to do some painting and still haven’t got around to it. Quite a few friends of mine are doing this at the moment. It is quite a commitment and I think we have all cut a few corners. I think it works on the idea of venting on paper to get the junk out of your head so you are freed up to express your creativity. My husband thought that sounded like a mental form of cleansing diet.
        Anyway, lovely to hear from you and hope to be reading more of your blog posts son!!
        xx Ro

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