Better Than Valentine’s Day

I repost this every year, because it is the story of how my life changed on February 20, 1997.

Running the Race

I wrote this a few years ago before I even had begun my blog, but am reposting it here to celebrate the best Valentine’s Day I ever had–and there was no romantic love at all! 

Nineteen (really, nineteen?) years ago this week, I was a sophomore at Tulane University. A week past Valentine’s Day, I was moping about how un-Valentiney it had been. I was starting to wonder if things would ever change in that department, having never dated anyone. Yes, I’m admitting that. On top of moping about my lack of romantic interests, I was in a slump deeper than I’d felt before. Have you ever had friends but still felt lonely, or done fun things but still felt sad? That’s where I was. I needed something to change, and I wrote and prayed till I had looked at every angle of my life frontwards, backwards, and inside out…

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