Why a Blog?

As a mother, I am always on the lookout for special interests and talents that my children show in their everyday lives.  I believe that even in their youth, God has special plans for each of them, and that those plans will bear fruit through their unique gifts and abilities.  I believe that when we are given a gift, it is ours to enjoy, and also ours to share.  Writing comes fairly easily to me; in fact, my mind is clearer, my heart more thankful, my faith more vibrant, when I write frequently.  I’ve been a lifelong journal keeper, and while I don’t intend to broadcast every detail of my life here, I’m beginning to realize that God can use my experiences to be a blessing to others, to point others to Him who has sustained me through every second.  I hope to share some of what I’ve seen, thought, prayed, and done,  and to God be the glory!



  1. Enjoyed reading your family’s stories! I Like your format. I just started my blog last week of May. God bless you more- they say that in the Philippines where I’ve gone as a missionary!

  2. Thank you so much for the connection and also your kind words on my blog. Many friends are surprised at my audacity of sharing a truly personal story on my blogs and elsewhere. But as someone who is really desirous of helping others who might be in a similar situation as I was or who can relate themselves to my situation, I wanted to be honest, not only with myself but also my readers. And it was with the prayer and hope that my readers will benefit from my blog that I shared my most intimate thoughts.

    May God continue to guide you and bless all the works that you put hands to. Blessings…

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