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How Do You Spell Disappointment?

As some of you know, L. participated in both a regional and state spelling bee last year.  We had a great time making some road trips last fall and watching him spell word after word.  In the regional bee, he and the other finalist went back and forth, with L. finally missing a word.  Since […]

Back-Row Origami

Our son, “L.”, is very much like my husband and myself as school children:  eager to do his best, even more eager to please his teachers, and almost always quietly obedient.  We go out on the school playground every day that the weather permits after we pick him up, to burn off some energy and […]

A Spoonful of Something…

Anyone who has a toddler or who has been around a toddler knows that eating habits are sporadic and odd at best.  As parents, we try to offer a variety of healthy choices, and agree to almost any combination of them the toddler chooses, as long as those choices meet the nutritional needs.  For example, […]

Little Girls

  I wrote this several months ago, before starting this blog, but as many of us are sending our children back to school, it seemed appropriate to re-post it here!     My life seems to be full of flashbacks lately, with people and places I hadn’t really thought of in years coming back to the […]

Another Thing I Like About Strep Throat

I try to be a grateful person, to see the good in less-than-ideal situations.  Last week, I wrote about our suspicions that our son had strep throat.  When he woke up the morning after I had written that, feeling worse, coughing and hurting more, the next logical thing to do was schedule an appointment with […]

Laughing at the Days to Come

My daughter loves going to our weekly Mommy-and-Me gymnastics class.  It is the only place where I see her let a non-family member help her, even touch her, while I just watch for much of it.  She climbs eagerly onto the mat to reach the lower of the uneven bars, where her teacher helps her do […]


“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.’”  These words come from the Biblical prophet Jeremiah, and they were the words God gave to him to speak to the Israelites when they were in […]


“Peaceful satisfaction”.  That is the definition in a student dictionary of the word “contentment”.  Contentment has come up in front of me three different times today.  I figured that warranted digging a bit deeper and giving it some earnest thought. The first mention of contentment came from the daily devotional on my iPhone’s Bible app […]

Mother’s Day

Let me preface this by saying that I could never be thankful enough for the privilege of being a mother.  I also am blessed beyond words to have a beautiful, smart, creative, strong, loving mother who is still a huge presence in my adult life. With those sincere words having been said, I will let […]

Don’t Count the Seconds

We gave our dear son a new stopwatch for his birthday recently.  He happily put it on this morning, after I’d set the date and time, reminding him that he could wear it to school as long as it wouldn’t be a distraction.  Part of the reason we got him a watch is that he […]