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The Race Marked Out For Me

I think often about writing here.  Then there is a lunch to make for the next day, clothes to fold, dishes to clean, a cat to snuggle with, and a few fleeting hours to catch up with my husband.  This is a very consuming season of life!  I might not get to write much, but the […]

Clouds on the Outside, Sun on the Inside

Yesterday was one of “those” days as a parent that just left me flat on my face–literally, because I dozed off on the kids’ bedroom floor well before either of them went to sleep for the night! I’m writing tonight for my benefit as much as anyone else’s, so I can remember that clouds pass […]

Still In the Race

“Go BAACCKKK!” my 3-year old pleaded through tears, as we drove home from her brother’s check-up at the pediatrician.  She sobbed and begged to return to the doctor’s office for nearly twenty minutes–all because of a miscommunication over which child would open the door to exit the office.  Tantrums arise fairly often over issues like […]

True Colors

After my post earlier this week, a blogging friend made an encouraging comment, that it sounded like I had been passing through all these exciting events lately “with flying colors”.  I was flattered, but realized to accept her praise wouldn’t be entirely honest.  In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot about things like anxiety, nerves, […]

You Have to Train Before You Run the Race

I named my blog “Running the Race” in tribute to a favorite Bible verse from the book of Hebrews (ch. 12, v. 1) and also in reference to a lifelong love of running. Literally speaking, running–and with long distances especially–many miles and hours go into building up endurance, power, and speed.  This is called “training”, […]

The Illustration of Sod

Our neighborhood is full of new construction.  It seems like there’s a new house popping up every few weeks.  The most dramatic day to me is when long trucks deliver the landscaping:  tall palm trees, medium-sized shrubs, flowers, and usually on a truck of its own, the sod.  In one day, a new house goes […]