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Lots of Forks

Tomorrow, we are having some beloved family members over for the 4th of July.  There will be lots of forks, because I know there will be lots of food.  I will try to walk that fine line between enjoying a bit of everything and feeling overly full! There are also lots of forks of another […]

Distant But Coming

Distant thunder, getting closer, rumbling in the night No rain yet, nor any wind, no reason for fuss or fright Low, deep grumblings, I should be sleeping Instead a late night watch I am keeping It’s like knowing when a change is near So we carefully turn eye and ear All the signs point one way But […]

Laughing at the Days to Come

My daughter loves going to our weekly Mommy-and-Me gymnastics class.  It is the only place where I see her let a non-family member help her, even touch her, while I just watch for much of it.  She climbs eagerly onto the mat to reach the lower of the uneven bars, where her teacher helps her do […]