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True Friends

Observing my children with their friends and also considering the friends in my life, I’m wanting to express thankfulness to those who are true friends! True friends Listen as much as they speak Encourage when we are weak True friends Laugh with us till we cry Encourage when life is one long sigh True friends […]

Little Girls

  I wrote this several months ago, before starting this blog, but as many of us are sending our children back to school, it seemed appropriate to re-post it here!     My life seems to be full of flashbacks lately, with people and places I hadn’t really thought of in years coming back to the […]

Check Out the Rainbow…

I love the friendship I have with my next door neighbor.  We’ve both been living in this neighborhood for nearly two years.  I still remember being upstairs in my own house and looking out the window to see her with her family, checking out the house they’re now in with a realtor.  Once they moved […]

I Saw Tears…But Don’t Tell Anyone!

We moved to a new house in a new city almost two years ago, when our son was five and our daughter still an infant.  After five years in the same house, we had many dear friends from our neighborhood, church, and playgroups.  Our dear boy had made lots of buddies in each of these […]

Three Little Words

I will never tire of hearing the words “I love you” in all their different contexts:  from my husband of nearly 11 years; from my children as we snuggle at the end of the day; from my parents; from family and friends.  They are powerful words and can change a day–or even a life–instantly. Those […]