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The Couple Who Studies Together…

I wrote this nearly two years ago, as I reflected on how long V and I have been together, and where our path has taken us.  It’s an interesting burden, being married to someone pursuing a career in medicine.  Our journey began in college, where our friendship deepened over hours of studying.  Studying has been […]

Tennis, Anyone?

Just as running has a special place in my heart and a lengthy history in my life, tennis and I go even farther back.  I went for my first real “run” when I was about 8, but I started taking tennis lessons at the age of 5.  It was love at first hit, you could […]

Two Minutes

My husband and I do not go out together while our kids are awake often at all.  I’m supposing and hoping that will change as they get older and aren’t so attached, but for now things go well and most easily when we don’t miss bedtime or meals.  One of those rare times came up […]

Victory Time

I should preface what follows by saying that I have always wanted to be a mom, and a stay-at-home mom at that.  I love being with my two children and am thankful for my son’s summer break from school, allowing us more time together during the day.  That being said, I also have to say […]

Being Super

My husband has learned about medical conditions and procedures that I can barely understand or pronounce.  He has memorized volumes about the human body and especially the parts he focuses on for his specialty.  What I find equally amazing, and perhaps even more so, is how he has learned to make the transition from work […]

Stop Waiting and Keep Going

I haven’t written anything specifically about being a doctor’s wife not because I have nothing to say but because there is so much.  My husband and I started dating even before he was certain he was going into medicine–almost 13 years ago to the day.  To say there have been rich life experiences, periods of […]

Three Little Words

I will never tire of hearing the words “I love you” in all their different contexts:  from my husband of nearly 11 years; from my children as we snuggle at the end of the day; from my parents; from family and friends.  They are powerful words and can change a day–or even a life–instantly. Those […]