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I’m Listening!

When I was in high school, my close friends joked about my being the “queen of the radio”, meaning that whatever was on my mind, seemed to show up in just the right songs on the radio.  It got a little weird sometimes, as if I could think of certain song lyrics, and then within […]

A New Chapter?

I sent an e-mail tonight.  Why would that warrant a new blog post, you wonder?  I sent the e-mail to a local music instructor, expressing our interest in getting L. and A. into violin lessons! L. has been taking piano lessons through school for a year, but has also been asking about learning the violin […]

Little Piano Man

Getting a child to practice a musical instrument isn’t always easy, as many know, either from their own experience as children or with children of their own.  When L. was in second grade last year, he had the opportunity to begin piano lessons right at school, taking a 30-minute lesson once a week from one […]