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Sweet Sleeping Little One

Sweet sleeping little one Is the day already done? Though some of the minutes seemed rather long, The hours really and truly sped along Now here I am, watching you sleep Until out of your room I will creep Quietly, downstairs, to sit and wonder Did I act wisely, or make a blunder? For your […]


Some of these posts were intended to be about actually running, and I have fallen pretty short in that regard.  The obvious reason is, that I have not gone running since I don’t remember when!  Many true runners would argue that I can’t call myself a runner at this time, but I think that is […]

When You Fall in a Race…

I ran the mile and two-mile events for my indoor track team in high school.  At the start, all the competitors stood shoulder to shoulder, leaning forward, waiting for the signal to go forward.  The beginnings of these races, especially the mile, tended to be chaotic.  Elbows bumped and pace had to quickly adjust to […]