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Some Considerations for Grade Skipping

I’m trying to sort through all the questions our family attempted to answer when we were wondering if skipping a grade was right for L.  Here are some we thought of that might be helpful to someone else, too: 1.  Is the child emotionally ready? 2.  Does the child make friends easily/adapt to new situations […]

Our School Experience

In the past few weeks, I’ve had three different friends ask me about L.’s experiences in school, as their own kids faced the possibility of skipping a grade.  This post is a synopsis of the past few years for us and L. as a student.  My hope is for parents to find the right solution […]

Back-Row Origami

Our son, “L.”, is very much like my husband and myself as school children:  eager to do his best, even more eager to please his teachers, and almost always quietly obedient.  We go out on the school playground every day that the weather permits after we pick him up, to burn off some energy and […]

Little Girls

  I wrote this several months ago, before starting this blog, but as many of us are sending our children back to school, it seemed appropriate to re-post it here!     My life seems to be full of flashbacks lately, with people and places I hadn’t really thought of in years coming back to the […]

But I Thought I Was A Good Reader…

There are a lot of special activities that are unique to the end of a school year.  As our son has finished up second grade, there have been awards ceremonies, a piano concert, a party, desk cleaning, and of course, early dismissal days.  Every week, the teachers send out study guides in an e-mail to […]