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Adventures of the State Speech Competition

I have to beam and boast a little because I’m his mommy.  I watched, listened, and helped him practice his passage for months, saw him win first prize in the regional fine arts competition, and just witnessed his efforts this morning in the state event.  Third place for our dear boy!  I could tell he […]

His Poem for Her Birthday

I hesitated to share this so publicly, but it’s just too beautiful to keep to ourselves.  After dinner one evening last week, L. showed his Daddy and me a poem he had just written for his sister, as her birthday was approaching.  As an only child, I’ve been fascinated by the dynamics between L. and […]

A Spoonful of Something…

Anyone who has a toddler or who has been around a toddler knows that eating habits are sporadic and odd at best.  As parents, we try to offer a variety of healthy choices, and agree to almost any combination of them the toddler chooses, as long as those choices meet the nutritional needs.  For example, […]

Love One Another

My son was working on a take-home sheet from his Sunday School class yesterday morning after breakfast.  There were a few things to read, a few things to think about, and a few questions to answer.  One of the passages was from 1 John in the Bible, where there is much about loving one another: […]