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After weeks of very sporadic writing, but with lots going on in life, I finally sat down and worked on some posts late–too late–last night.  After I clicked “publish” on the second piece I finished, my blog statistics informed me that it was my one hundredth post since starting the blog in May of last […]

A List of Thanks: 11/15

My beloved children are asleep.  My dear husband is at a work function.  My feet are up, our cat is holding me captive on the sofa, and there is delicious silence and peace all around me.  There are many things circling in my mind that I would love to write about, but since I couldn’t […]

Gratitude Lists

Before I began this blog, I made a practice of posting a gratitude list every night on my Facebook page.  Some nights, I could have easily typed out dozens of different things from the day, and other nights, it was an act of true discipline.  I kept doing it because it was good for my […]