To all who have ever stopped by to read my ramblings, thank you.  Since May 1, I have had 2,000 visits to my blog, and I’m selfishly pretty excited about that!  I like to think that people get something out of what I have to say, and I think all of us like to have a “voice”–whether it is also through writing, or art, or any other skill.  I also like to think that I am honoring God by using my enjoyment of writing in this way, sharing my thoughts, hopes, prayers, and musings with those around me.

I also took a moment to check out the countries represented by those who have read something on this blog–22 countries!!  Even this morning, I saw England, Sweden, France, and Germany!  It’s quite a neat feeling to reach out to someone a world away.  That is one very good thing about modern technology!

I am looking forward to seeing what God puts on my heart to write about next.  Last week, the ideas of renewing our hearts and our minds came up in multiple contexts.  Today, I have heard more than once, “this is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it”.  I love when the same verse or idea keeps coming to me from very different places–friends, Bible reading, songs on the radio, my children, anywhere.  I love that God truly does “speak” to us in so many different ways, and I am glad I get to share some of that here.  There are so many times during the day when a thought pops into my mind, and I wish I had some minutes to sit down and write it out–but a stay-at-home mommy is not afforded such freedom very often.  Naptime and after the kids’ bedtime is the time I get to type to my heart’s content, and even then household chores are there, and of course getting to relax and talk with my husband.  To all those fellow bloggers, keep writing!  Find those precious moments and pour out the words you’ve been storing up.  Thanks again to all who have taken the time to read my humble words.  Much love and blessings to all!



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Let’s go on to the next 500 together, shall we?! I am so proud to share this blessing with you for you have certainly been an inspiration to all of us! And how blessed the Lord is when we draw people to Him with our testimonies of His unfailing love and grace in our lives! God bless you, dear sister in Christ!

    1. Thank you!! I’m looking forward to writing and reading! God is good.

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