A List of Thanks: 11/15

My beloved children are asleep.  My dear husband is at a work function.  My feet are up, our cat is holding me captive on the sofa, and there is delicious silence and peace all around me.  There are many things circling in my mind that I would love to write about, but since I couldn’t decide on just one thing, a list of thanks seemed more than appropriate.  Tonight, I am thankful for:

1.  The privilege of being a stay-at-home mommy.  I caught myself griping a bit today while trying to evenly distribute my attention between L. and A., since L. stayed home from school with day 2 of the fever/cough/fatigue illness.  I didn’t even go outside today (big mistake), but I got little mental reminders that what I’m doing in this stage of life is big, important, sacred, beautiful, hard, worthwhile, challenging, lovely, fun, hilarious, and full of honor.  Thank you, dear husband, for making this role of mine possible!

2.  L. does not have strep.  For the second or third sickness in a row, our son does not have strep.  For him, this is significant–one or two more strep incidences so close together, and we would have been discussing tonsillectomies.  We still might, but there is reason to hope that his immune system is finally turning the corner and fighting things off with more strength and quickness.

3.  The patience and generosity of my 3-year old today.  Since her brother was home and not feeling well, A. graciously shared my attention all day.  We went on none of our normal outings, we didn’t even play outside.  She let L. choose the movies he wanted to watch, and she stood by cheerfully while I ran to get his water bottle, or a dose of Motrin, or to help him get ready for bed.  It’s not always this pretty, so I’m especially glad when things do go beautifully!

4.  Encouragement.  It has come in many different forms and from many different people over the past few days, but there have been a great number of things lately that have lifted my spirits and helped me.  God knows what we need and how to really reach into our hearts.

5.  My parents’ plans to visit this weekend.  While V. is away for a work conference, I am looking forward to having my mom and dad spend some days with us!  They are helpful in countless ways, and I am happy to say that all of us genuinely treasure their company!

6.  Prayer.  There are enormous things, like the national economy and fabric of our society, and the conflict in Israel, flooding my mind with an urgency to pray.  There are littler things, too, like my daughter’s stubbornness with potty training or the relatively minor illness that L. has.  All of those things, and everything in between and beyond, I can take to God in prayer, and trust in His sovereignty and provision and love.

I had hoped to make it a solid list of ten, and there are certainly a multitude of things for which I am thankful.  I could go on, but it is getting late, after a good but tiring day.  I will end here, and will encourage all who read this to think about gratitude, and think about someone you could thank today!



  1. Your post is soothing. Thankfulness is a great way to start or end a day. I am thankful that my oldest son slept well, last night, as he was so sick for a few days. What a relief to wake up and find him happily still asleep after hardly any for a few days! I pray that your family sleeps well tonight, too.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you! I too am thankful that my dear boy slept well after having a bad coughing spell around my bedtime…also thankful for the effectiveness of the nebulizer! All four of us did have a good night and sent off V. with sweet hugs and kisses when he left early to catch his plane. It’s hard to be thankful for his departure, but I am glad he has opportunities to learn things that will help him be a better physician and that we will get to text and talk while he’s gone! Onward to another day of helping L. feel better!! I pray for healing for your son, too! I’m sure the good sleep helped immensely.

  2. Yes, definitely things to be thankful for! It’s all these little things that are easily overlooked!!

  3. Your post was a great reminder. I am really thankful for my sister-in-law’s visit even though it wasn’t the fun trip I’d planned for her, we were all a bit exhausted and perhaps we needed a quiet weekend. We are rarely home so I give thanks for what we needed.

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