My two little shadows and me!

I’m on a roll with including pictures tonight, and this one has been on my mind to share.  My two little ones and I were out on a short walk one evening after dinner.  We stayed close to home in hopes of seeing V. on his way into the cul-de-sac and garage after his work day.  I’m glad I stopped to get this shot, because the more I looked at it later, the more I noticed about its details.

–Waiting for Daddy.  Through his residency and into his life as a practicing physician, V. is the object of much anticipation in our home.  “When is Daddy coming home?”  His home-comings have become more predictable and reasonable over the years, and there are always big smiles and squeals of excitement when we see or hear him coming into the house!

–Walking together.  The physical act of walking together brings happiness and closeness. The kids don’t always want to go for a walk, but when they do, I love the feeling of getting fresh air together, of seeing neighbors, sunsets, pretty plants or trees, new houses, interesting wildlife.  There is never a lack of interesting things to discover and discuss.  Figuratively, we are walking through life together as a family.  We stick close and help each other keep up.  We hold hands for comfort and reminders of love.

–Glimpses of greatness.  Each of us looks taller in this picture than we are in real life.  I think there are situations in life that make us look greater, stronger, smarter, more able than we normally are.  Some circumstances call out the best in us, and I’m glad to have seen that happen in each family member’s life.

–Growth and change.  Are my children really getting this big, this fast?  Does L. really come up to my chest when we stand next to each other?  We can actually go for a decent walk all together without a stroller or someone carrying little A.  I should take a photo like this one every few months just to compare and reflect on all these changes in the kids!  It is a small detail, but I also noticed that A. is holding my hand, but L. is not.  He is becoming less of a “little kid” and more of a “big kid”–and he is still just seven and a half!  He will still hold my hand sometimes, but I know that he is reaching further on his own in so many ways–even in this picture, he is reaching for the sky!  It is all fascinating to see as a parent.

Shadows themselves are interesting–we get a sense of the shape, composition, and size of something, but we are left to wonder about the details.  There are no facial expressions to ponder, no colors or variances of intensity, just an outline.  A shadow can’t tell the whole story, but I found that the shadows in this picture told more than I expected!







  1. Great shadow picture! It is worthy of framing. Your words really captured the mood and love in the photo.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thanks! I’m good at taking pictures but have gotten pretty bad at printing and framing! Someday?

  2. This is really great!! I love the story and the picture!!

    1. Thanks! I liked how crisp the lines were and the picture reminded me of a pleasant walk–they aren’t always like that, which I’m sure you know!

  3. Hello again. I was quite amazed when I saw you were writing about shadows and I have taken very similar photos of me with my kids and also my husband and I. It’s one way I can get in a photo and there’s something almost enigmatic about the shadows.
    I was pleased to read your more positive interpretation of the shadow. I often feel haunted by the shadow although my husband said the darker the shadow, the brighter the light. I have quoted him on that a bit.
    Geoff hired camera goggles when we went skiing and you can see his shadow skiing down the slopes, which was great because it couldn’t film him…only what he saw.
    Good luck with getting the photos printed. I actually did some the other day but i am at least 3 years behind.

    1. I like your husband’s quote about shadows! I hadn’t thought much about the positive vs. negative connotations…I just thought it was a neat, crisp silhouette picture!

  4. You inspired me to take a walk with my kids today. At first glance, shadows do seem rather ambiguous. But if you stare long enough, each shadow begins to tell a story. This image can be left to so much interpretation. However, the one thing I glean from this photo, is the love between a mother and her children. Beautiful post!

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you got to walk with your kids–it is not always idyllic for us, but usually it just feels good to get out and do something together. L. prefers to play basketball and A. prefers to draw with chalk, but every now and then, we can all agree on a walk!

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