It’s Just Allergies…

I’ve spent the past day or so trying to convince V. and myself that my endless sniffles and sneezes are in fact “just allergies”.  It’s become a joke by now, and everyone knows that Mommy is indeed under the weather.  I’m breaking some kind of mommy rule, I know, but here I am with my soft blanket and tissues, wondering how long it is until I can take another cold remedy.

L. returned to school this morning after all of last week off for Thanksgiving, and also having missed three days the week before that due to his sickness.

As soon as L. had gotten better, V. got sick–which coincided with a trip out of town.  Being on an airplane for three hours each way didn’t help his immune system, I’m sure.

The week of Thanksgiving, V. was still battling whatever it was he had, and then A. got sick.  She tested positive for strep.

By Thanksgiving Day, I was the only one in the house not taking prescription medication for a sickness.  Somehow, we were all well enough (or like V., good enough to keep his germs to himself) to host several family members for Turkey Day.

Everything went just fine that day.  The weather was gorgeous, the kids were relatively happy, and all the food was scrumptious.  I had a mini-mommy-meltdown that night anyway, I think just from the whole week catching up to me and being plain old tired.  V. wasn’t too surprised, and just listened patiently and gave the best hug a man can give when he’s not feeling 100%.

I started sniffling a few days ago, and I was blessed to have a restful, fun weekend.  Everyone else was pretty much back to normal, so we made a trip to a local park, played at home, and just enjoyed each other’s company.  I have to give some huge thanks to V. for letting me take a lovely, long nap yesterday with little A., and for then taking A. to the store with him, to limit my need to “wrangle” both kids at once.  He’s a sweet guy, that husband of mine.

We all know it’s not just allergies, but making light of it makes me feel at least a little better. I’m loading up on fuzzy blankets and warm comfort foods like noodles, tea, and even coffee.  Somehow the coldness of ice cream was refreshing to my stuffiness last night, too. What are some of your favorite comfort foods and items when you are under the weather? It’s a germy time of year, so I pray for good health as we near Christmas…wash those hands, cover those coughing mouths, gargle, and get good rest!  Off the Mommy soapbox and back to my coffee!  Blessings to all!



  1. Sad to hear you’re not feel well. Hope the warm fuzzy blankets and tea work to ward off germs. Feel better real soon!


    1. Thanks! A. is taking a long nap, so I’ve had some nice, restful moments!

  2. I like the sound of the cozy blanket! When I am sick I like my hot water bottle for my feet. Take care and I hope you get well soon.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Thank you. The blanket and I had a quiet afternoon together–A. took a long nap, and then I got a great surprise when V.’s work day ended early enough for him to take A. with him to pick up L. from school, and stay to play at the playground! I am feeling better tonight, and I’m giving most of the credit to my sweet husband!

      The hot water bottle sounds nice. I have a heating pad that could cozy me up…V. goes to bed with a t shirt and shorts, and there I am with socks, pants, long sleeves, and that fuzzy blanket!

  3. Oh man, no fun being sick! Hope you are all feeling better and stay that way!!

    1. For the moment, all four of us are healthy! I hope it stays this way for quite a while!!

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